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Our Nation Is At Sea

And for hundreds of workers, their workplace relates to the maritime industry. From oil and gas works to ship and port maintenance, these roles require unique safety measures.


Meet the different hustlers at work: 


Marine Rigger

Historically, marine riggers operated the sails of ships. Today, these rope and pulley experts operate a variety of mechanisms to transport cargo efficiently.



Welding Engineer

Specialised workers who are exposed to high heat and harsh lights as they carry out repair and maintenance to keep a ship in tip-top shape.


These workers are responsible for navigating ships through congested waters, getting its precious cargo right where it's meant to be.

Before setting sail, are you fully protected?
A seaworthy vessel requires protected people to keep it running!
Protect against these common injuries:


Bruises, Fractures and Friction

Tight spaces and heavy cargo can spell disaster for a careless worker. Sharp corners and weighty crates can easily cause injury. Riggers also face a unique risk in friction burns, caused when a slick rope shreds skin when it slips from their grips. These PPE can, and will, save lives and prevent serious injuries!

Marine Landing Page_thum

Fall Protection

Ships are massive structures and work at heights is often required. Don't fall into complacency. Invest in good fall protection systems to save lives! Here's the complete guide for fall protection

Burns and Eye Damage

Welding engineers operate sparking and glowing tools for their work. And they need PPE that can defend against errant burns and intense light. Protect them with these flame resistant attires and eyewear that can shield their vision!

Heat Resistant / Welding Gloves


Flame Retardant Coverall


Welding Faceshield


Man-down System

When a lone worker falls or encounters unforeseen dangers, prompt aid is critical to prevent serious injury or loss of life. Check out these personnel monitoring systems that make tracking a breeze. They can be customised to detect gas or even send automatic warnings when it senses a worker is in danger.

Blackline G7C


Blackline G7 EXO


Blackline Beacon



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