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Suitable for offices and orders of 5 pairs of eyewear and above!

SRX Mobile


As pioneers in the safety eyewear industry, PDS International is well suited to be your safety eye experts.

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From start to end, our services are designed to maximise your convenience and to promote eyewear safety wherever you may live or work. 

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 Chat with us via live chat to arrange for our mobile services. Order a minimum of 5 pairs of eyewear and we’ll visit you for no extra cost!

We’ll visit you at your office or home!


We’ll take your eye tests and get to work!

In addition to an eye degree test, you’re covered for a visual acuity refraction, refraction, and a colour vision test.

When your eyewear’s done, we’ll send it via delivery!

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Here's why we're your one-stop choice!


1. Years of Experience

With over 20 years in the eyewear business, we have popularised safety features that are widespread today, such as side shields.


2. We Know Your Needs


Our eyewear are designed to specially fit Asian facial features, ensuring a secure fit that mass-produced Western brands cannot match.


3. Convenience


Our mobile eye testing service and eyewear delivery ensures you'll never need to leave your workplace.

Let us deliver everything to your doorstep!


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How long would the test take?


We can service five people in around one hour, so budget your time accordingly!


What tests are available for mobile testing?

In addition to an eye degree test, you’re covered for a visual acuity refraction, refraction, and a colour vision test.


How will delivery be handled?

We can deliver it to your house of office. Self-pickup is also an option.

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Can I use my regular prescription glasses instead?

Not if you value your eyesight at work!

Safety eyewear lenses need to pass a gauntlet of tests to ensure they can protect your eyes. This includes surviving a falling projectile without breaking, cracking, or being dislodged from its frame.

The frame itself must survive high impact forces and the entire eyewear is specially designed to cover a wide area of your face. Don't use regular prescription eyewear; do it right! It might save your sight.

Feel free to reach out if you have any further questions!

Safety Eyewear Guide:  More info click here

WORKSafeRX  Safety Glasses - Safety Standard (ANSI)

  1. Step 1: Identify Hazards

  2. Step 2: Selection of Safety Eyewear

  3. Step 3: Understanding Standard Markings

  4. Marking on Lens and Frames


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